Professor Speed’s clinical practice blends both specialties of Rheumatology and Sport & Exercise Medicine with her expertise in Human Performance Sciences in the delivery of care. She has considerable experience in working with elite athletes to help them optimise their fitness and ability. She also acts as an advisor to digital health technology companies and is a Consultant Advisor in Health & Human Performance to Google.


Musculoskeletal complaints include injuries, arthritis and pain syndromes. Although many patients feel threatened by such ailments, with appropriate expertise these complaints can be effectively managed, greatly improving quality of life. Professor Speed provides comprehensive expert holistic musculoskeletal care of a wide range of complaints.


Effective management of musculoskeletal complaints is dependent upon a prompt and accurate diagnosis and an integrated treatment programme. Attention to detail is vital. Professor Speed’s practice involves integrated care to ensure comprehensive treatment is provided.


Professor Speed has a practice philosophy that is based upon the holistic approach, optimising health through nutrition and lifestyle in addition to cutting-edge medical interventions. This includes nutrition for musculoskeletal health and the benefits of exercise prescription.


Why do some people seem to achieve goals in life with ease, and perform better and seem happier and more fulfilled in the process? Why do some people cope with adversity, juggle multiple roles and attain success seemingly so much more smoothly than do others? It’s all about the Six Key components of human performance.

Professor Cathy Speed draws from her considerable expertise as a physician, scientist and educator in high performance environments to deliver the key truths behind performing well. In her new book, High Performance Life, she provides the six key ingredients to performing well in any domain of life.

None of these ingredients are inborn. She takes the reader on a voyage through a diverse range of fields, from neurosciences and learning to nutrition, health and technologies, seamlessly translating complex science into simple messages that we can all use to transform how we live and perform.

This is at last a book of truth in the chaotic world of information about human performance, and brings true substance to the overused phrase ‘be all you can be’.

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