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How to weather aches and pains: managing arthritis during the winter months

The idea that the change in temperature can have an effect on people with long-term arthritis issues – and its subsequent side-effects, such as joints supposedly aching before a storm and exacerbated symptoms when the barometer falls – have frequently been dismissed as old wives tales by the scientific community, with numerous studies devoted to the subject […]

New study links early menopause with higher fracture risk

Disheartening news for women under 40 who have experienced onset of menopause: according to a recent study by the North American Menopause Society, the idea that calcium and vitamin D supplements can fend off their heightened risk of fracture has been debunked. The study, which evaluated data on nearly 22,000 women under 40 with menopausal symptoms, had […]

High cholesterol could cause arthritis

With winter well and truly kicking in, a lot of us are beginning to feel the annual aches and pains brought on by arthritis a little bit more than usual, and taking steps to fend it off. But while you blame your current situation on the weather, you might want to take a look at another factor […]

When the menopause becomes a pain: menopausal arthralgia

As any woman of a certain age already knows, the menopause brings a plethora of issues, none of them welcome. Hot flushes and night sweats. Irregular periods and a loss of libido. Mood swings, dryness, weight gain, bloating, irritability and anxiety. In extreme cases, even gum problems, panic disorder, dizziness and irregular heartbeat. However, there’s one particular […]

Why sitting could be the new smoking

After reading this article you may want to sit down, and then stand up again: it’s becoming clear that sedentary lifestyles – a lifestyle with irregular or no physical activity – has more of a bearing on a range of health conditions than first thought. As Cambridge Sport & Medicine Specialist Cathy Speed knows, the prime […]

The menopause and benefits of exercise

Women who are going through the menopause, whether they are keen athletes or just wish to keep the pounds off, often start to experience an increase in joint pain or soft tissue injuries that threaten to derail their exercise efforts. However, the menopausal transition is one of the key stage in a woman’s life where […]

Cathy Speed to speak at Spire Cambridge GP conference

This Saturday, Cambridge Sport & Exercise Specialist Professor Cathy Speed has been invited to speak at the Duxford Annual GP Conference run by Spire Cambridge Hospital. She will be teaching on a variety of musculoskeletal conditions and then giving a Keynote Speech on High Performance Sports Medicine, reflecting on the development of high performance sport and […]

Google takes aim at arthritis

The prevalence of rheumatic and musculoskeletal conditions are a growing concern, with their implications for healthcare expenditure and the impact on the economy through loss of workdays. Now, arthritis is in Google’s sights as it joins with global pharmaceutical GlaxoSmithKline to develop bioelectronic medicines that could tackle a whole host of ageing concerns. Statistics from the World Health Organisation […]

The future of hip replacements: cartilage grown from stem cells in your fat

There are around 80,000 hip replacements performed every year in the UK to address the pain and lack of mobility that results from cartilage and bone degeneration, yet hip replacements fashioned from metal, polyethylene or ceramic have an expiry date. Now, new research is focused on regenerating cartilage using stem cells. Why do you need a hip […]