Consultations with Professor Speed can be arranged by contacting her offices in Cambridge or London, as detailed below. Professor Speed plans, co-ordinates and supervises treatment plans and works with professionals across many disciplines to ensure best care is delivered. Approximately 50% of Professor Speed’s clinical practice are complex cases.

Patients may choose standard appointments or bespoke packages. Bespoke packages include longer consultation times and extended monitoring of the condition through the use of technologies, allowing adaptations of treatments as necessary. Price plans for bespoke packages are available on request.

Professor Speed is currently not accepting new patients in either her London or Cambridge clinic until October 2022.

London & Cambridge Fees

Face-to-face consultations

New: £350

Follow-up: £200

Remote consultations

New: £325

Follow-up: £190

Is your case complex?

If you have seen more then two consultants about your condition, or have multiple symptoms and areas of your body that are affected, then it is likely that your case would be considered complex. You are advised to consider either a bespoke package or (if you are insured) to discuss extended consultations with your insurance· company. Professor Speed’s office can help to advise you on whether you should be considering this option.

All postal communications should be sent to:

Fortius Clinic, 17 Fitzhardinge Street, London W1H 6EQ

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